DealDash ships to Canada!

3 min readFeb 11, 2022

DealDash goes north

2022 is well underway, can you believe it? 2021 has come and gone, and you might be wondering what this year has in store. While this blog can’t predict the future, one thing is for certain; there will be some exciting changes on DealDash this year. DealDash launched in 2009, and a lot has changed since then. If you were bidding on DealDash when it first launched, you had the chance to bid on and win iPods and DVDs, among other things. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that many people are searching for DVD auctions nowadays.

Keeping with the theme of change there’s an announcement to make; DealDash is now available in Canada! So to everyone asking “Does DealDash ship to Canada?”, the answer is yes — since the beginning of this year!

Get ready for international bidding

DealDash opened their doors to Canadians at the beginning of January 2022, and since then, Canadian bidders have won hundreds of auctions. Congratulations to all of the Canadian winners so far. There’s surely many more shipments to be sent to Canadian DealDashers in the months and years to come.

DealDash shipping is always free — to US or Canada!

DealDash ships for free to US and Canada

Now, savvy shoppers from all over the contiguous United States and Canada (excluding Quebec) can enjoy exciting auctions that provide bigtime savings on all sorts of items. From kitchenware to home electronics to new cars, you can find it on DealDash. But, some of our new Canadian friends have asked, are there any fees for DealDash to ship to Canada? No! Shipping is always free! There is no need to pay any shipping fees or use a freight forwarding service if you are a DealDash member!

The more things change, the more they stay the same

There might be some longtime DealDash bidders who aren’t thrilled with the idea of DealDash changing. As they say, ”If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” One concern longtime DealDash bidders could have regarding the expansion to Canada is that now there are more bidders, which would make it harder to win auctions.

The good news is that there is no need to worry because DealDash has a simple solution; if there are more bidders, they make sure to have more auctions. DealDash closely monitors things like the amount of bids used to win an auction and the average sales price of an item to ensure that customers get great deals. In fact, this information is provided to you on the Auction page as the estimated total cost figure. It takes into account the final sales price of an item + the total amount of bids used to estimate the amount the auction win cost the winner.

Change is a constant, both in our lives and also on DealDash. But no matter what, we will make sure that while we keep making changes to improve DealDash for everyone, we will remain true to our values that have shaped the DealDash you know and love. We are eagerly waiting to celebrate our 13th anniversary this March, and we hope that everyone in the DealDash community — from British Colombia to Colombus, Ohio — will join us in commemorating 13 great years.

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