Is the $0.50 PS5 on DealDash the real deal?

3 min readJan 13, 2022

You might have seen the commercial on TV about the PlayStation 5 console that was sold for only 50¢ on DealDash. You might also be skeptical about the price and wonder how it’s even possible.

DealDash user won a brand new PS5 by paying only $0.50.

The half a dollar PlayStation 5…

…and a 55-inch TV! In July 2021 a DealDash bidder couldn’t believe their eyes as they only placed 2 bids to win the auction for a bundle of the brand new PS5 console and a 55" TV.

50 cents? Does that include shipping? Surely this has to be a scam? How can DealDash sell a brand new PS5 for that cheap? The auction itself is the real deal and the won auction was delivered to the winner with no shipping costs.

But can this be a profitable way of doing business? Well, in fact DealDash did take a loss with this particular auction. Let’s open up the math a bit:

The Math Behind The 50¢ PS5

There have been articles opening up the math behind auctions on DealDash in the past. On DealDash the total cost for the winner consists of the auction end price and any pre bought bids they placed in the auction. There’s absolutely no hidden costs involved!

On average in PlayStation 5 auctions the winner has saved over 60% off the Buy It Now price of the auction including the cost of bids, says DealDash blog.

The winner of the famous 50 cent PS5 only placed a total of 2 bids and the auction ended with a final price of $0.10! Bids are usually on sale and there are different ways you can earn free bids daily — but just to be on the safe side, we’ll use a 20¢ estimated bid price for the calculations.

Placing 2 bids at 20¢ each and paying the final 10¢ auction win price, the user ended up paying only half a dollar for the brand new factory sealed PlayStation 5 and 55" TV.

While DealDash took a loss on this auction, on average what makes great deals possible is sourcing most of the products by working with brands who want to promote their products or liquidate excess inventory. DealDash leverages those partnerships to pass on savings to customers.

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How DealDash Works — Auctions Start at $0.00

Well how can the final end price of an auction be so low? The price of every auction starts at $0.00. Whenever someone places a bid, the price goes up by 1¢ and a 10 second timer starts running.

Once no one has placed any more bids in 10 seconds, the auction ends and the final bidder can purchase their win for the final auction price.

Below is a video on How DealDash Works

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